Quenching a thirst for performance

More than 75% of the bottled water market is controlled by big-name soda conglomerates. But in a category that skews toward people with active lifestyles, very little marketing has been done around performance. Using this knowledge as fuel, we developed an awareness campaign built around digital, social and out-of-home executions that made a huge splash among active 24–35 year-olds.


Tough Love

The world doesn’t need another pretentious, overpriced water brand.

True Love

The world does need a water brand that quenches the thirst for performance

An extremely difficult challenge, but fortunately, Essentia is authentically different. It's made supercharged, alkaline and ionized to improve life through better hydration. And it works.

For an overachieving water, we naturally turned to "overachievers." Then, we targeted them in the neighborhoods where they live, work and play.

Influencers share their motivational stories of driving and striving.

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Moved into the #3 premium water spot in just two years