Minnesota Lottery

Giving the gosh-darn greatest holiday advice

A universal reality is the year-end giving and receiving of unwanted gifts. To celebrate this holiday tradition, we developed a scratch game and marketing campaign for the Minnesota Lottery featuring the world’s foremost authority on this subject: Dwight Elephant. Spewing nifty-know-how and homespun help, Dwight helped sales numbers jingle by promoting the gift that always fits: scratch games from the Minnesota Lottery.


Tough Love

Most people shop late for holiday gifts, often ending up with “white elephants.”

True Love

MN Lottery tickets are the perfect gift to scratch that last-minute holiday itch.

With a combination of unsurpassed intelligence and undeniable charm, Dwight Elephant protected folks from dreaded “white elephant” gifts by guiding them to choose Minnesota Lottery tickets as fool-proof, holidang, crowd-pleasing presents for all.