Client: DreamWorks

DreamWorks had a huge goal: transform the children’s tablet category by launching a tablet that combines the technology kids deserve with the DreamWorks characters they love. Our insight: It’s not about selling technology; it’s about championing kids' creativity. And what better way to introduce this device than a treehouse, that enduring icon of imaginative play. From a cinematic online anthem to pop-up treehouse events to whimsical back-to-school creative, the campaign captured the imaginations of parents while inspiring the next generation of creative kiddos. 

Anthem spot

A series of short films gives a glimpse into precocious minds at play. Drawing. Learning. Animating. Storytelling. All while demonstrating the DreamTab’s remarkable product features.

Web series

Times Square billboard

Proposed pop-up events in major markets invite kids to climb up into their own Wi-Fi enabled treehouse, and immerse themselves in a world of playful characters and creative activities.

    Pop-up event ideation

      Ambassador bicycles

      Retail messaging takes a whimsical turn as the campaign evolves during the back-in-school season. It’s all about igniting learning and inspiring play through kid's favorite DreamWorks characters. 

      Back-in-school spot (:30)

      Back-in-school print