Minnesota Lottery

Bringing new life to the day of the dead

October is filled with a scary number of Halloween-themed promotions. To shake things up for the Minnesota Lottery, and help them make inroads with non-white audiences, we visited a whole new. Collaborating with Mexican-American artist Luis Fitch, we created lively sales with our limited-edition scratch game celebrating Día de Muertos — the Day of the Dead.


Tough Love

A traditional Halloween-themed promotion has no chance to get noticed.

True Love

Celebrating our state’s diversity can be a force for unity.

Mexican by birth and Minnesotan by choice, renowned Day of the Dead artist Luis Fitch brought his talents to bear on our designs and overall campaign. In the end, we created a scratch game that properly honored this holiday’s own legacy while expanding the ethnic inclusivity of the Minnesota Lottery brand. Not to mention, it looked really cool.