Arctic Cat

Paving the way to off-road success

Arctic Cat had a long history of sales success with snow machines, but was having a hard time finding traction in mud and dirt. To make inroads in the off-road market, we developed a new multichannel brand campaign for loyal fans and brand newcomers alike, demonstrating to snow-goers that off-roading may not be cold, but it’s incredibly cool.


Tough Love

When your name is Arctic Cat, it’s hard not to get stuck in the snow.

True Love

The heart of a riding enthusiast is not governed by temperature.

“The Wide World of Arctic Cat” campaign taught off-road enthusiasts that they can trust Arctic Cat vehicles to get them out there — way out there — and also bring them back. So they can recount their adventures with everyone, or with no one. Arctic Cat understands the mystique. After all, it’s one thing to push the limits of man and machine. It’s quite another to push the limits of imagination.

How to speak to those with gas and oil — and dust —in their veins.