Convincing farmers to plant weeds.

The iconic monarch butterfly was in danger of becoming an endangered species due to habitat loss. But their migration path crossed acres and acres of unused farmland perfect for growing milkweed. So we used the BASF Monarch Challenge to fill those acres by convincing farmers that planting milkweed was the right thing to do not just for the butterflies, but for their businesses.


Tough Love

Farmers only want to do one thing with weeds — kill them.

True Love

Planting milkweed in non-crop acres not only helps monarchs, but it also benefits farmers' land.

To convince farmers to take the Monarch Challenge, we made it easy for them — we showed up at farm shows and events with experiences that opened their eyes to the issue. We sent them milkweed stems, and even offered to come plant them. We educated farmers about how monarchs and pollinators benefit crops, and how planting milkweed can improve the biodiversity — and production — of their farms, all without disrupting their business. And we appealed to their connection to the land, as well as their desire to build sustainable operations they can hand down to the next generation of farmers.

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When it comes to sustainability on the farm, helping butterflies is only the beginning.

0 116 k
milkweed stems planted
0 600 k
potential monarchs helped by habitat
0 1
species kept off the endangered list