Delivering a fresh take on frozen dinners

Since 1952, Schwan’s has been a national leader in frozen food deliveries. But with an aging customer base and a market saturated with competition, they slowly lost their premier seat at America’s dinner tables. To reclaim a heaping portion of the market, we developed a brand campaign to melt the hearts of on-the-go gourmets who don’t have time to mess around with family mealtime.


Tough Love

With so many quality delivery options, Schwan’s gets lost in the crowd.

True Love

Schwan’s pioneered this market. There’s no one better to reclaim it.

Our “Homemade Easy” campaign for Schwan's melted consumers' perceptions about frozen food and helped Schwan's reclaim its rightful seat at American dinner tables. How? By showing that there's one surefire answer to life's everyday chaos: Order.

We updated Schwan's food styling to emphasize simplicity, modernity, healthiness and yumminess.

An updated web experience reminded folks what to do when caught unprepared.