Rebranding BASF opened new doors to farmers that helped keep BASF top of mind.

Born of the Grow Smart strategy, our #dirtroadtour video series connected with agriculture audiences like nothing the brand had done before. Hosted by ag's most popular blogger, Rob Sharkey, and BASF communications specialist Donnarie Hales, the team traveled from Louisiana through several states and ended up in Decatur, Illinois. Everywhere they went, they spread the good news of ag through social media, and in the process, drew some genuine love to the brand from the ag community.

Meet Rob Sharkey and Donnarie Hales: walking, talking, human almanacs.

Ten States. 2,000 Miles. Two Hosts. One Car.

The long and winding road.

Farmers are just as connected as anyone. Only more so.

09.2 MM
Nearly 2,000 uses of #DirtRoadTour creating 9.2 million impressions.
093 %
The campaign received 93% positive sentiment for the BASF brand.

See you down the road, partner.