Arctic Cat

Proving that cats are kings of the mountain

As a pioneer in snow machines, Arctic Cat was revered by riders across all categories. So to help their all-new mountain machine reach the summit, we created a marketing campaign that took people’s breath away by filming some of history’s best mountain riders in the thin-aired wilderness. The resulting video stands as undeniable proof that Arctic Cat is a rightful owner of the high ground.


Tough Love

When you are already seen as a leader, expectations are always high.

True Love

There’s a reason you’re a leader. You just need to remind people what it is.

A well-known leader across almost all categories, Arctic Cat introduced an all-new mountain machine, and we made sure it took people’s breath away. We brought together four of the best mountain riders ever and set them loose in thin-aired wilderness with cameras rolling. The resulting films stand as undeniable proof Arctic Cat is a rightful owner of the high ground.

It ain’t the wind that’s giving you chills.

Crossing paths with a Black Cat.

Of course they love snow. They have ice in their veins.

0 185 %
Increase in sled sales in 2018 over 2017.
0 500000
More than 500,000 organic impressions for launch video.
0 6
Launch created 6 times greater follower growth on Facebook over a typical week.

do things people love

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.