A system built on trust.

Despite its reputation as one of the nation’s most dependable pharmacies, Walgreens store brands were languishing. That’s why we developed a store-wide packaging design system, creating a brand identity to reinforce the trust and dependency Walgreens customers expect. The new packaging system encompassed 27 different categories and more than 3,200 unique items to improve the customer experience at Walgreens pharmacies in every aisle of their stores. 


Tough Love

To create affinity for Walgreens, clearly and consistently stand for trust.

True Love

Trust is built through repetition and can be developed through consistency.

A detailed design strategy was required to create a system that worked across a wide range of products. Beyond the visual nuances and packaging formats unique to each category, we needed to account for the diverse customer base. From seniors to busy mothers, the packaging design system needed the flexibility to appeal to the appropriate customer at the right time.

Scale never scares us:

0 32 +
0 4000 +
0 2800
pieces of artwork

Brand consistency was built from category to category by following national brand cues and developing a visual asset library that was unique and appropriate for the redesign.

0 78 %
of shoppers could easily find redesigned products
0 86 %
of shoppers believed the new design helped them choose the right product for their needs
0 80 %
of shoppers felt redesigned products were higher quality