A new look for an old friend.

Bellatoria had carved out a strong niche in the traditional frozen pizza category by establishing a strong sense of place. When they decided to expand into the growing veggie crust market, we knew this new product couldn’t live in the same candlelit Italian trattoria inhabited by its more traditional cousins. Leveraging core brand equities, as well as fresh, bright, modern category cues, we created a place that feels familiar and new at the same time.


Tough Love

Tradition can be a barrier when introducing something new and modern.

True Love

When tradition is passed on to a new generation, they're empowered to make it their own.

Using the gilded Bellatoria brand mark as our pivoting point, we introduced new visual elements to highlight quality and taste. These include cues to the vegetables used in the crust as well as other natural ingredients, stone surfaces, linen textures and beautiful photos of whole pizzas.

To establish a new, “lighter” look, we created a new and modern Bellatoria kitchen in bright afternoon light.