A fresh look at organic food.

In many ways, the Publix GreenWise brand was ahead of its time: an organic line of products before organic was cool. As this segment became more and more mainstream, GreenWise needed a redesign to remain fresh in the eyes of its current customers and attract new shoppers in this rapidly growing category. We developed a robust visual system for all GreenWise packaging that works across a wide range of products and clearly communicates “organic” without losing the connection to the trusted Publix brand.


Tough Love

Customers don't understand what separates GreenWise from other Publix products.

True Love

Shoppers love Publix and trust them to create new high-quality offerings.

To establish GreenWise as the “healthy” line in the Publix portfolio, we created a visual style built around natural ingredients and earth-toned colors.

The illustrations and photography were given a distinct and ownable style. Simplicity was essential, as we knew that brand elements would need to cross a variety of substrates, sizes and packaging structures.