Weirdly Woven Is here, and it’s the fashion line you always wanted from a candy company


Periscope's back at it with a Weirdly Awesome collaboration, featured in Adweek, between Trolli and Mokuyobi.

“Take an indie ad agency with a colorful candy client, mix in a “super rad” clothing brand, and what do you get? A “weirdly awesome” fashion line.” Adweek hit the nail right on the head when they took an exclusive look into our work with Trolli and fashion brand Mokuyobi.

The weirdly awesome fashion line, Weirdly Woven, is an exclusive, limited-time-only fashion collection. The collection features 25 pieces, including hats, socks, shirts, pins and more, ranging from $6 to $100.

After helping facilitate the collaboration, Periscope created a digital campaign surrounding the fashion line, including shoppable Instagram ads, swipe to purchase posts on Snapchat, online videos and more. We even give you a sneak peek at the design process with Mokuyobi founder Julie Pinzur, which resulted in a bold collection described as “hand-stitched from 100 percent unicorn vibes, space giggles, cloud hugs, jazz hands, dank memes, puppy dreams and Trolli gummi goodness.”

See the full line here and catch more Weirdly Woven videos on Trolli’s Instagram. Go forth and show off your Trolli love through fashion!