Trends of the “Tense 2020s”: Uncovering what 2022 holds


Written by Periscope Creative Strategy Team

It’s not the decade we thought it would be, and we’re all changing to cope.

As we enter the third year of the decade, it’s safe to say that the “Roaring ’20s” we may have hoped for have been more like the “Tense 2020s.” For many of us, a global pandemic has introduced a consistently complicated calculus around what used to be simple decisions. We’re tired, yet we’ve all adapted and are continuing to adapt to this evolving landscape. For us as marketers, the question becomes, what does 2022 hold amidst so much uncertainty?

We believe that by observing three categories of trends — emotional, cultural and behavioral — we can uncover truths that help us predict what people will need. And when we understand what emotions are driving people’s choices, what cultural forces are impacting how they see the world, and what behaviors are changing the way the world does business, we can also identify areas of opportunity to help brands meet those needs.

Download our full report at the link below to see our strategy team’s trend predictions for 2022, and get insights on the implications of these trends for both people and brands.

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