The Minnesota Lottery pops up in some of the most inconvenient places


Periscope captures the adventurous spirit of the lottery by bringing it to the very places it benefits

Fun fact: Lottery dollars help preserve and protect Minnesota’s environment, from prairies to lakes and rivers to bike trails. In fact, the Minnesota Lottery has generated over $2.6 billion for our state since 1990.

So we set out to bring the lottery to some of the areas where it has the most impact, even in the most inconvenient places.

The (in)convenience stores were located off the beaten path and were set up purely to be discovered, capturing the same element of surprise and delight that one might feel when winning the lottery.

Pleasantly surprised passersby stopped by the (in)convenience stores to grab items commonly found at a typical convenience store, like water, sunscreen and snacks, as well as learn more about the Minnesota Lottery’s pledge to make Minnesota a more beautiful, accessible place to explore. And, of course, they weren’t sent on their way without a scratch game or two.