Taking a page from luxury car commercials in socially driven campaign


Twin turbo chargers. Racing suspension. A full, high-performance package. This SUV doesn’t have any of those things. But it does have a truckload of scratch games.

When Minnesota Lottery mentioned they were in the mood for a road trip, we climbed onboard to make it one they wouldn’t forget.

In a nod to luxury car commercials, our team paired sweeping shots of winding roads and a dramatic voiceover with a basic, rickety truck to strike a cheeky chord with audiences.

Visually-inspired by a lottery ticket itself, the SUV is headed across Minnesota stocked with scratch tickets, merch and games. Geotargeted ads will follow the Scratch Utility Vehicle on its journey prompting people in the area to join in on a truly fun and spontaneous experience. And isn’t that what the lottery is all about?