The right social influencer is not about the number of followers


Periscope's Bridget Jewell is highlighted in MarTech Today sharing tips on launching a successful influencer campaign.

Influencer marketing is exploding and Periscope’s team of creative minds are navigating this tricky landscape for our clients on a daily basis. Embracing an influencer strategy is especially important as ad-blocking software forces marketers to be more creative in how they reach their target audience, and as consumers demand more engaging, meaningful content instead of disruptive advertisements.

But building an influencer marketing strategy in this age of advertainment is complicated. For example, did you know a large following doesn’t always equal success in influencer marketing? That’s why our social media expert Bridget Jewell tells MarTech that, “If anyone tells you it’s easy, they’re doing it wrong.”

Check out the full story to learn how to vet and authentically integrate social influencers into your work.