What makes a good Super Bowl ad? Turns out, it’s about love and hate


WCCO asks Periscope’s Scott Dahl for perspective on how Super Bowl advertising has evolved and what makes a commercial stick.

Brands that stand for something may polarize the audience, but that may be just the reaction Super Bowl advertisers are hoping for.

WCCO Radio dives into the topic of what makes a good Super Bowl ad with Periscope Group Creative Director Scott Dahl. “A good ad is something people either love or hate,” he says. “If they’re indifferent, it’s camouflage. It doesn’t exist.”

By now, you may have picked your favorite commercials from Super Bowl 51, but have you thought about exactly why you love them? Or considered what advertisers were thinking when they created them for the Super Bowl audience to see?

Listen here to get in on the discussion with Scott Dahl on WCCO’s The John Williams Show.