Fresh TV spot for Schwan’s reframes frozen food for the modern family


Periscope helped the original grocery delivery brand claim their rightful seat at the dining table with their first marketing campaign in more than 60 years

Looking to shift the way people think about frozen food, Schwan’s tapped Periscope to launch a creative awareness campaign speaking directly to busy people caught between nutrition and convenience when it comes to what’s for dinner.

We put a comedic twist on a scenario busy people know all too well — being pulled between work, family time and social obligations — to highlight frozen foods as a convenient, nutritious alternative to takeout.

This fresh creative work marks a new era for the 67-year-old brand that was the original food deliverer, long before Amazon Prime, Instacart and other grocery delivery options came to be. And while crashing through walls might not seem like the most “on brand” choice for the iconic delivery service, our choice to kick off with a bang was an intentional one.

"We went the unexpected route, pairing a legacy brand like Schwan’s with high-energy production elements like rigs and stunts." Peter Nicholson, Periscope's Chief Creative Officer

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