Periscope and PEMCO get ambitious during the Big Game


We helped client PEMCO Insurance broadcast their “love letter to the Northwest” on advertising’s biggest stage

From power suits to bathing suits and fireproof pants to astronaut helmets, our latest work for PEMCO Insurance celebrates the unique wardrobes of the people of the Pacific Northwest, focusing on their common ambition to live the kind of life they want. Part of the “Ambition” campaign that launched in 2021, the new 30-second spot titled “Wardrobe” celebrates the regional insurance carrier with an anthemic tone that stands out among national competitors that often focus on humorous advertising. 

But how do you build more brand awareness in a cluttered category where you can’t outspend the competition? You capitalize on big media moments — and what’s bigger than the Super Bowl, baby! After crafting a media plan for the year that focused on showing up during events like local professional sports games, our team came to PEMCO with the opportunity to be part of the Big Game through a regional ad buy. It was a perfect fit to gain exposure for an insurer focused in the Seattle and Portland areas, and a first in the company’s more than 70-year history. 

The local love extended to the creative itself, with “Wardrobe” being shot in several Portland neighborhoods and parks and featuring all local talent. It all adds up to a Valentine sent to around 1.3 million local Super Bowl viewers, with PEMCO promising to protect the unique lives they’ve built for themselves in the Pacific Northwest.  

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