Periscope takes Pride


We believe in doing things people love, so we gave our community the tools to demonstrate their love for all

Pride is about the love and acceptance of all people, which aligns precisely with our mantra: “Do Things People Love.” Love is more than just an emotion. It drives us to connect, share and move others to do the same. As Periscope is built off a strong community of LGBTQIA+ employees and allies, we felt it was essential to not only express our inclusive support throughout our agency, but also create engaging tools to help unite us all.

To inspire and encourage others, several employees shared their powerful, personal stories which you can view here.

We created a special Giphy sticker pack comprised of colorful items and phrases synonymous with Minnesota, giving everyone the ability to exhibit their hometown Pride. We also designed a Snapchat lens, which we displayed on our downtown windows, enabling passerby the opportunity to unlock a world of love. Want to engage with our lens? Just open Snapchat and hover over the Snapcode below to use.

We didn’t stop there. We took our Pride transformation to the streets by revamping our downtown offices, inside and out. Throughout the building, we changed our logos, TV monitors and front entry to Pride-themed designs. We also switched our windows to rainbow-themed colors and posted a Pride statement to show our support to the neighborhood and community at-large.

Our Periscopians were surprised with commemorative T-shirts, which were worn with Pride. The excitement culminated with an agency-wide celebration that brought everyone together for photo opportunities, giveaways, lots of laughs and of course, our signature Jell-O shots.

With our strong community of LGBTQIA+ employees and allies, we hope to inspire and encourage all people to understand, support and care for each other — because love is love.

Do Things People Love.