Periscope helps show how the Twin Cities 26.2-miler is more than a marathon


Inspiring video series for Twin Cities In Motion explores all that a race can be

The Twin Cities Marathon isn’t just a 26.2-mile race. It’s also a way to see yourself and the world differently. A path forward. A hard road that can become a springboard for change. To showcase how the race is more than just a marathon, we found three people whose stories embody that idea, and who make it a reality by turning their beliefs into actions.

“What if we could do something for other people? What if we could use something like running to help other people and be a voice for them?” Brent Silkey, marathon runner

We brought these stories to life in three films that capture the runner’s point of view, not only of running the beautiful Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon race course, but also of the way they see the race and its place in their lives and community.

Released as the sign-up season for 2022 begins, these stories are meant to inspire and motivate people not only to register for the race, but also to discover how it — and organizer Twin Cities In Motion — can be more than a marathon.