Periscope puts Minnesota Lottery on the map — literally — during Oscars and Super Bowl


For our Minnesnowta campaign, we not only built a new town, but also brought winter magic to audiences across the region

Somewhere in the middle of one of the many 10,000 Minnesota lakes lies a small dot on the map where bowling balls are made of ice and snowmobiles are the primary mode of transportation.

For our most recent campaign with the Minnesota Lottery, Periscope built the coolest town to celebrate the Bold North. Minnesnowta encompasses the true spirit of winning at winter, where playing and having fun are the main attractions and jumping into frozen lakes is the norm.

“Minnesnowta is a real place, if only in our state of mind. So we celebrated our love for winter by bringing it to life.” Scott Dahl, Group Creative Director

If you’ve ever wondered what true Minnesotans do when the thermometer drops below freezing, stop by Minnesnowta to find out. While you’re there, enjoy a cool, crisp iced coffee at Brrrrista Café (don’t worry, there’s a coat check).

And if you’re wondering, “Have I seen this spot before?” you probably have. This I’MN spot ran regionally during the Super Bowl AND the Oscars. Double whammy!