Periscope gives America’s most beautiful urban marathon new look


The Twin Cities Marathon’s makeover was inspired by northern beauty, classic Minnesota-themed icons and a love for running outdoors

The most beautiful urban marathon in America called on us for a fresh look, and we hit the ground running.

As thousands flooded the streets of Minneapolis for the Twin Cities Marathon, we helped galvanize and unite repeat runners and first-timers alike with customized team experiences and a whole lot of cool swag. Our branding inspiration came from iconic regional symbols — like the Minnesota loon — and the beauty of the north, bringing a new level of camaraderie and excitement to this nationally renowned running event. Our creative inspiration lead to the creation of four running crews, launched in conjunction with this weekend's event:

  • Northies: Also known as newbies. What they lack in experience, they made up for in wide-eyed excitement. Point your compass and look for the #TCMNorthies.
  • Graywolves: This crew is made up of experienced runners. They have races under their legs and wisdom from the trail. Track this crew at #TCMGraywolves.
  • Revels: These runners race for good times, not fast times. Short for “revelry,” this crew puts race day on their social calendar. Introduce yourself at #TCMRevels.
  • Looniacs: This crew is made up of passionate runners — some might say they’re obsessed. They dream big, train well and finish strong. Race to #TCMLooniacs to keep up.

Our partnership with the Twin Cities Marathon also included a digital campaign, influencer engagement, merchandise design, a website refresh and race day items.

So what crew would you run with? That’s up to you. We’ll bring the merch.