Periscope is Committed to Change


***** UPDATE - July 2 *****

Below is additional transparency into the data that was shared on June 18

We support #CommitToChange issued by 600 & Rising. As an industry and company, Periscope, along with all of Quad’s Agency Solutions (QAS) group companies including Ivie and Rise Interactive, have not done enough to address systemic racism and inequality.

As part of the four major initiatives Periscope announced on June 9, we are committed to increasing transparency and reporting on our progress.  We encourage all of you to continue learning, discussing, and reflecting on the latest ideas, such as the partnership announced just yesterday afternoon between the 4A’s and 600 & Rising.

The opportunity to share data is an important and fundamental catalyst for change when it is part of a thoughtful and meaningful plan for a new future for our agency and the industry at-large, one that will ensure lasting change is achieved.  As part of Quad, we have a unique offering, perspective, and solutions that are not available through other agencies.  We have examined our data both as Periscope and in the broader context of QAS.

We can do better and we remain committed to creating enduring change.