Periscope finds beauty in the bracket with Color Madness


We turned college basketball playoff brackets into a graphic color study of tournament history, giving fans a more creative way to interact with their favorite teams

Sports history, data and creativity intersect with each artistic insight in Color Madness — Periscope's way of getting into the spirit of the biggest college basketball tournament of the year. For example, did you know that when it comes to tournament wins by team, orange takes the lead?

And despite red being the most prevalent team color, championships have been dominated by teams sporting blue:

To add to the Color Madness, we also put our creative spin on 2019 picks according to VIPs, mapping a handful of celebrity predictions for this year’s tournament. From Barack Obama to Jimmy Fallon, you can see how their picks stack up against the others through the filter of color.

Additionally, we created an interactive mobile phone tool that takes fans a step closer to super fandom — Cheer Madness allows you to select your favorite teams and turn your phone to the court as team colors and logos flash in a Morse code message.

No matter who you're rooting for this year, be sure to cheer colorfully.