Statewide “Here We Vote” Campaign Encourages Safe Voting in Minnesota


Periscope and Secretary of State push Minnesota to be leader in voter safety, in addition to voter turnout

With the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State, Periscope launched a campaign encouraging all eligible Minnesotans to participate in the upcoming election from the safety of their homes.

“Minnesota has led the country in voter turnout for years, and this year we’re going to lead the nation in voter safety, too. We want to bring Minnesotans together and make their voices heard by keeping them safe and voting from home.” Steve Simon, MN Secretary of State

The campaign, titled “Here We Vote” is as Minnesotan as hotdish, hockey and juicy Lucys. Through a series of videos, the campaign will feature well-known Minnesotan personalities, including actors Lea Thompson and Josh Hartnett, athletes Rachel Banham and Joe Mauer, rapper Nur-D, and Maria Isa, a Boricua singer hailing from St. Paul, among a host of others.

“We are pleased to help all Minnesotans exercise their right to vote and make their voices heard. It will be a fast and effective campaign in a very unique election year.” Peter Nicholson, CCO at Periscope
“Minnesota is proudly diverse, and we sought to represent many unique individuals of our state in this work. One thing that ties us all together is our care and support for our fellow Minnesotans.” Steve Simon, MN Secretary of State

Consistent with keeping Minnesotans safe during the pandemic, the work is composed of content shot by socially distant, minimal crews, footage from online video conferences and user-generated content. The ads will reach the entire Land of 10,000 Lakes through a variety of media channels in the weeks leading up to the election.