Periscope and Minnesota Lottery unveil billion dollar commercial


“Think this is big? Just wait until you see our billion dollar commercial.” It was with billboards and digital ads like these that we helped the Minnesota Lottery tease fans and cynics alike in our latest brand campaign.

After stoking the fire for a while, we promptly put it out by releasing a stunning TV spot showcasing the true beneficiaries of $3 billion that the lottery has generated for the state since 1990 — Minnesotan lakes, parks, roads and education systems — captured by Periscope’s production crew equipped with wetsuits, waterproof cameras, drones and coffee canteens for 4AM sunrise shots.

The spot was kept under wraps until the commercial premiere red-carpet event on April 15, where it was unveiled in front of a high-profile audience of dignitaries, lawmakers and other iconic figures close to Minnesota Lottery’s generous mission. We even secured a proclamation from the Minnesota State Governor declaring April 15, 2019, “Minnesota Lottery Playing Our Part Day” to commemorate this historic announcement.

Also in attendance were a couple more wild beneficiaries, including a bald eagle named Rousey and a porcupine named Ross, who enjoyed a rare night off from The Minnesota Zoo.

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"A $3bn campaign budget often spells big-name spokespeople and cutting-edge special effects, but agency Periscope and the Minnesota Lottery took their lavish budget in a different direction..." The Drum