Periscope and Essentia unveil brand campaign celebrating overachievers


From the product to the influencers to the filming style, everything about this integrated brand campaign goes the extra mile

We love a good creative challenge, so when Essentia asked for marketing campaign that matched the overachieving nature of this premium water brand, we were all over it.

Our latest integrated brand campaign, featuring real-life overachievers, goes the extra mile — driving  awareness and visibility for the pioneer of ionized alkaline water, which also happens to be Khloe Kardashian’s personal fav.

“The influencers we selected aren’t the stars you normally see in television commercials. They are people who embody all that we are capable of when we go the extra mile, and push one step farther,” said Peter Nicholson, Chief Creative Officer, Periscope. “This entire campaign is really about highlighting the journey when you push from ordinary to extraordinary. That’s what Essentia does, and it was an exciting challenge to hold our creative work to the same standard.”

Even the anthem video was shot by an overachiever in his own right — Austin Will, an American director who dropped out of school at 18 and went on to shoot work for brands like Adidas, Nike, ESPN and UBER. Will used several different mediums including a Super 8mm camera, VHS and modern video technology, resulting in captivating imagery that embodies the spirit of overachievement.