Periscope and Basilica Block Party seek God’s approval for rockin’ creative campaign


In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit… and Good Advertising

When the Basilica Block Party asked us to come up with a creative campaign for their 24th annual music festival, we knew exactly what to do: bring in The Man Upstairs.

With every decision big and small, we called on God to guide us — even getting all of the creative work blessed by Father John Bauer, rector of The Basilica of Saint Mary.

In preparation for the music festival, we even helped God set up his own creative shop in Minneapolis which drew crowds of curious people. The Office of God was a site of many heavenly experiences like performances from choirs, harpists and Basilica Block Party artists, custom album photo-ops and more otherworldly Acts of God.

“There’s a lot of pressure being held to the standards of God, which is why we’re using His own words and miracles to drive creative content. It is truly divine work” Periscope group creative director, Jen Stocksmith