Peace Paper wraps the world in peace for International Day of Peace


Periscope’s non-profit initiative is spreading peace through creativity and school donations.

Advertising is one of the most powerful tools of change that we have available, and we have the ability to use it to not just sell products but also do good in the world. And that’s exactly what we set out to do when we created Peace Paper, a crowd-source designed wrapping paper on a mission to spread peace and kindness at a time when conflict and negativity run rampant. It started as a holiday gift idea to thank our clients, and has now evolved into what Adweek is calling “a symbol of hope” that is inspiring positivity across communities.

"Peace Paper went from wrapping gifts to sparking conversations." Doug Zanger, senior creative editor at Adweek

This week, in alignment with International Day of Peace on September 21, we launched a billboard campaign in partnership with OUTFRONT Media to empower people to join the movement, take peaceful action and help wrap the world in peace. As Campaign US put it, we gave hate a makeover.

"Hate gets a makeover for International Day of Peace." Oliver McAteer, Campaign US

The best part of the success of Peace Paper is what this non-profit initiative has been able to do in schools, which you can see highlighted in this Star Tribune video. All proceeds from the sale of the paper fund Peace Paper education kits which are donated to schools in need through an open nomination process.

The school kits include rolls of Peace Paper and K-12 peace education curriculum that fosters learning about peace, inclusion, self-expression, collaboration and diversity. It’s amazing to see students’ creativity at work as these art-centered lesson plans open up students’ hearts and minds while breaking down barriers.

"This paper has power." Corrine Jackson, 3rd grade teacher at Lakeview Elementary

Peace Paper has power to transform spaces, connect people, inspire action and create change. And the change is only just beginning!