Periscope launches first creative campaign for the Minnesota Lottery


In partnership with the Minnesota Vikings, the lottery releases a campaign as epic as the new Vikings stadium and scores a feature story in Adweek and MediaPost.

Just in time for the start of the football season, our first full campaign for the Minnesota Lottery kicks
off a new Minnesota Vikings scratch game and helps promote the new stadium as the Vikings play their first game there!

Check out the feature stories in Adweek and MediaPost, highlighting the “epic” creative work.

“The new Minnesota Vikings stadium is epic. So that’s how Periscope approached creating content for the Minnesota Lottery,” said Creative Director Scott Dahl. “We went big with everything, including kicking off the campaign with a cinematic spot that married the intensity of a viking battle with genuine game-time excitement.”

The campaign took off at Vikings Training Camp with #VikingsShipMe, a unique experiential event during which fans requested their heart’s desire by tweeting at the Minnesota Lottery with #VikingsShipMe. Then, a viking dressed in armor made of lottery tickets and driving a motorized cooler delivered on those requests! Every delivery was a celebration for the surrounding crowd, especially when it included a big-screen TV or a stack of lottery tickets. Adding to the widespread engagement
was a traveling digital billboard, which drove around broadcasting fan requests, #VikingsShipMe social chatter and winners’ pictures in real time.

Keeping the campaign hot on all channels is a content hub loaded with shareable game-time GIFs, a Gjallarhorn (so you can sound the horn with your friends!) and more — everything you need to ignite Vikings fandom and inspire people to unite with one another and rally for a big win.

“Our goal is to help the Minnesota Lottery reach a new audience of lottery players, and to do that we decided to tap into the social nature of the game day ritual,” said Periscope’s Chief Creative Officer Peter Nicholson. “The lottery is as much as an experience as it is a passive game and can be elevated from individual activity to group sport. Our engagement plan is not just about the lottery, it’s about Minnesota pride and uniting people in a shared experience of excitement.”

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