An insider's look at emerging trends from Mashable's 2016 Mashies

Periscope creative director and Mashies judge Scott Dahl spills on the other judges, break-through creative work and intriguing trends at the prestigious awards show.


An interview with Scott Dahl | Creative Director

It’s Mashies time! For those unaware, the Mashies is an awards program established by Mashable, a global tech and digital culture authority. The awards show nets some of the best digital and social work in the industry — and around the world. With the Mashies finalists set to be announced any day, we sat down with Scott Dahl, Periscope creative director, who helped judge the 2016 show. We chatted about the work, what inspired him and what he took away from the event.

Periscope: Talk about the experience.
I thought the diversity of the judges was refreshing. Every angle of our industry was well represented, from both agency side and client side. And it was a healthy mix of gender and ages and ethnicities at the table sharing their perspectives, too. What’s more, every group of judges featured a rep or two from Mashable — not just to facilitate the process, but also to have input on determining winners. To me, it demonstrated that they truly are interested and invested in the level of work that brands create.

What entry really broke through or inspired you?
The work created for Snickers cut through in several different categories. A lot of those entries were one-offs, and not necessarily a part of a specific integrated campaign. But because Snickers has such a tight creative strategy it allowed different agencies, in multiple countries, to generate innovative work that laddered up to the brand’s idea platform. On the flip side, the cohesive work for demonstrated how a simple idea (running for president) could weave a fun storyline that is layers deep and seamlessly adapts to numerous social and digital platforms.

Did you see any interesting trends?
Live-streaming. The category wasn’t overly rich with big ideas, but there were a few cool things that emerged. There was one specific Twitch integration that paired an influential gamer with a popular candy bar. The idea was simple, focused on a specific target, executionally cheap and pretty damn amazing. It was my favorite entry by far. With platforms like Twitch, and even Facebook Live that launched in April of this year, it’s an area that’ll only blossom more and more. Also, social for social good was really exciting to see, especially from international agencies. A few entries powerfully demonstrated how they leveraged digital and social tactics to feed kids, gamify education and even connect families who may not have the means to do so.

So how did Periscope do?
Well, honestly, I can’t say. Not because I was sworn to secrecy, but because we had work entered. So for that category, I had to excuse myself from judging our entry. This year we entered one piece in the Mashies that we felt was compelling from both a creative and engaging perspective. It was an entry that recently won Digiday’s Content Marketing Awards best use of Twitter, so we feel pretty good about it.