Making animated dreams a reality at Periscope’s P4 studio


A full photo set, a group of creative kids and a lot of love make for a great day in the office

Keep Kids Creative Week is an awesome time for inspiring the youngest creatives in our life, and this year we went big to mark the occasion! A team of Periscope producers, designers and photographers surprised a group of kids in the Art Buddies program with their own professional video and photo set, where they could wear their homemade costumes and act out a character they created. We even captured the magic on film with a video and photo shoot, and the day's festivities were featured in a KARE 11 news story.

Meet Tara the Tiki Princess, ruler of the Tiki Kingdom in Hawaii. She can summon rain, create beautiful rainbows and become invisible with the flick of her wand.

This is Super Ali, protector of the city center from scary predators. He can fly high above the clouds, and he uses his spiky helmet to battle creatures from the deepest depths.

Say hello to Violet — aka Rosie the Dog. Her silent whistle makes other dogs appear in an instant, and her extra arms allow her to hold dozens of leashes at once as she takes all her furry friends for a neighborhood walk.

Art Buddies pairs students from high-need schools with mentors who work in creative fields, like the folks inside the walls of Periscope. The kids and their mentors build a concept and costume that reflect their strengths, dreams and personality.

We hosted the event at our P4 photo studio, where we also gave kids an exclusive look at jobs in video production, photography, design and more. Who knows, maybe in 10 years they’ll be working in that very same studio.

“It’s important that we continue to arm future generations to think creatively and inspire them to pursue jobs in our field to ensure Minneapolis marketing can thrive for years to come.” Taylor Lovaas, Periscope creative and Art Buddies volunteer