Liz Ross speaks at &THEN 2018, tells data marketers they’re missing the point


Periscope’s president and CEO reshapes the conversation at data marketing and analytics conference

“This conference, and others, will be dominated with conversations about AI and machine learning. There will be sessions on unleashing software to find your perfect target, craft your message and generate response in mere seconds. I would argue that they are missing the point.” Liz Ross, President and CEO of Periscope

Each year, &THEN becomes the global HQ for the data-driven marketing industry. It’s a place where ideas take root and business gets done. Our Liz Ross took the stage at the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) event to urge a room full of industry experts from all over the country to think differently when it comes to data. Below are three big takeaways that will help get you thinking differently as well:

Not all data is created equal: As marketers, understanding different types of data is critical.

  • There’s the data that tells us who we are — demographic data
  • There’s the things we tell ourselves and others about who we are — self-reported data
  • There’s the data that reports what we do — behavioral data

Each type of data provides a unique perspective on how different inputs affect and inspire human behavior, which is why you should consider analyzing them differently rather than consolidating through an algorithm.

Algorithms don’t understand love, so we shouldn’t ask them to: There is no doubt that data shapes our marketing strategies, but it cannot come up with inspiring ideas alone. That’s where the humans come in. Data and the human understanding of emotion need to be married for the magic to happen, whatever the channel.

Logic persuades, but emotions drive action: People are inspired by what they feel, so we have to go beyond logical offers. Brands and services must connect with people through the power of ideas

Perhaps the most salient example of these points has nothing to do with the advertising or marketing industry at all: Meet Hal.

Hal is a lifelike robot used to train medical students before they enter the field. He has a high emotional IQ and cries, bleeds and even expresses distress by calling out for his mom. Why? Because emotion is an essential factor even in the highly scientific and fact-based industry of medical care.

There’s no doubt that marketing is incredibly complex, but the idea of creating something people love is really quite simple. And, of course, human.