How we spread love without words

December 7, 2018


Periscope contributes to the mural art of Minneapolis with an unexpected, sprawling symbol of what we believe in

As a creative agency, it only makes sense that we saw the wall space above our parking lot as a challenge. We never saw bricks, concrete or blue siding. We saw an opportunity to share our mission to Do Things People Love, and a challenge to do it without using words.

So, our mural isn’t just a mural.

It’s an open love letter to our city, and a vibrant contribution to Minneapolis’ distinguished collection of street art.

It’s a declaration that indifference is our enemy, and a promise that we’re dedicated to fight it.

It’s a colorful reminder to stay passionate, and a warm greeting to anyone who needs it.

It’s a bold statement that says, “I really love you,” with no words at all.