Halloween horrors packaged up as Harvest Man


When creative minds and state-of-the-art packaging services come together, Halloween tricks run rampant throughout the agency

In the spirit of Halloween, we introduced Harvest Man, a wickedly good selection of artisan-style meat products perfect for spooktacular entertaining.

Leveraging our world-class branding, packaging and production creative services, we delivered a dose of delightfully creepy protein to social feeds to offset those candy-fueled sugar rushes. Our Harvest Man offerings included three delicious options — Knucklewurst, Pickled Peepers and Nibblears, which are sure to please people looking for more tricks than treats.

As you may have seen highlighted in The Drum and The Egotist, we shared how-to videos on grilling the perfect barbecued Knucklewurst, making succulent Peepers skewers and cooking nosh-worthy Nibblears.

“Periscope cooks up some scary-good eats” The Egotist

Harvest Man Knucklewurst is made the old-fashioned way for the perfect juicy bite. You can spice up your tailgate with grilled Knucklewurst and your favorite zesty toppings.

Harvest Man Nibblears are wild-caught and hand-trimmed for real artisan-style flavor and texture. Delight all the boys and ghouls at your Halloween party with this easy crowd-pleasing recipe.

Sweet and tangy, Harvest Man Pickled Peepers are a delicious snack or tasty garnish for your favorite fall cocktail.