Fighting indifference with holiday market you will love or hate


At a time of year when apathy runs high, Periscope launches Hassliebe Holiday Market, a unique shopping experience to stoke your emotions

Whether you love it or hate it, we consider that mission accomplished. Periscope’s latest creation is a holiday shopping experience designed to make you feel anything but indifferent, an emotion (or lack thereof) that plagues the marketing industry. During the holidays amid so much noise and chaos, apathy runs particularly high, so we decided to combat it with the launch of Hassliebe! Visually inspired by the style of a German holiday marketplace and translating to “love-hate relationship,” Hassliebe is an anti-indifference holiday gift guide earnestly offering items that can be loved and hated.

So say goodbye to the curated gift idea lists of the past that highlight easily forgotten items and seasonal clichés that feed holiday indifference. As you can see highlighted in this Campaign US feature story, Hassliebe guarantees your gifts will make people feel something:

“Periscope is making holiday shopping easy with a list of gifts that anyone is sure to either love unconditionally, or hate enough to throw into a fire.” Campaign US