Periscope launches Favorite Child to meet demand for design capabilities


Award-winning agency spins off design capabilities as stand-alone offering to serve clients from startups to national brands

Periscope, an award-winning, full-service advertising agency, has launched a design practice within its business to meet increased demand from clients and the market. The new offering, Favorite Child, was born out of the simple mission of helping brands become a favorite in their category through the power of design.

“Design has been one of our best kept secrets for far too long. Favorite Child will allow us to build upon our reputation in the design world, attracting ambitious clients and new talent.” Mike Caguin, Periscope CCO

To celebrate the launch and use its design powers for good, Favorite Child will issue a “Reverse RFP” to help turn a deserving brand into a “favorite child” with donated hours of agency work. The Reverse RFP contains just three questions, aimed at seeking unique brands that are putting good out into the world and are inclusive at their core.

Favorite Child’s offering is backed by Periscope parent company Quad (NYSE: QUAD), a global marketing experience company with deep roots in print production. It will offer end-to-end expertise from concept to shelf, including design strategy, brand identity, packaging, retail design and adaptive design. Favorite Child will seek its own new clients, and current Periscope clients will continue to benefit from frictionless workflows and integrated teams. 

“We’re offering the best of both worlds.”  Cari Bucci-Hulings, Periscope President

“We are one team in terms of solving client challenges, but we are most definitely doubling down on making design a core capability,” said Cari Bucci-Hulings, President of Periscope. “What we’re doing is offering the best of both worlds for design-only and integrated advertising clients alike.”  

Katie Kelly-Landberg, SVP Business & Brand Leadership at Periscope, will assume business leadership of Favorite Child. Kelly-Landberg brings 20 years of design-centric experience on brands including General Mills, JCPenney and Target, and has a long tenure of leading inventive teams with a strong foundation of core values. “I’m more passionate about design than I’ve ever been, because in our increasingly visual and values-led world, how a brand shows up and is experienced is more important than ever,” said Kelly-Landberg.

“How a brand shows up and is experienced is more important than ever.” Katie Kelly-Landberg, Periscope SVP

Favorite Child will hit the ground running thanks to Periscope’s history of design expertise. Since its founding in 1994, the agency has partnered on design projects with well-known consumer brands including Target, Petco, Publix, Dole Foods, AutoZone and Walgreens. “Unlocking a brand’s potential to be the favorite in consumers’ hearts and minds is a specialized task,” said Tammy Schilling, Creative Director at PepsiCo. “The Periscope team will soar with their strong focus on design and attention to the details that help brands continue to win.”