Exceptional Women of the World podcast featuring Liz Ross


Periscope's CEO spills on fears, the power of unlearning and all the insights you'd expect from an industry-leading marketer.

“It takes courage to unlearn and be successful.” That is one of the driving points of Liz’s chat with The Drum Editor Doug Zanger on the publication’s Exceptional Women of the World podcast. The recently published interview covers everything from Minnesota accents to the influences of technology to Liz’s current “musts.”

What are those musts? Glad you asked:

  • Must do: Spend time outside of your own echo chamber.
  • Must experience: Your life. Own the experience of your life — the good and the bad.
  • Must learn: How to unlearn. You need to find the courage to unwind what you know and be open to embracing what you do not know.
  • Must consider: Not allowing fear to drive decisions.
  • Must read: Wired.

If you want to learn more, including what drives a top agency leader or what having three kids under four leaves you time for (hint: wearing pants is a win every day of the week), check it out at The Drum.