Periscope adds Interactive Creative Producer and Digital Creative Director


After producing award-winning work for brands like Doritos, Office Max and DC Comics, Maggie O'Brien and Anton Friant arrive to boost agency interactive capabilities

With an impressive track record at agencies like Goodby, TBWA and Droga5, Maggie O’Brien will help fuel exciting and innovative interactive offerings at Periscope. Before returning to the Midwest, Maggie spent time on both coasts, working her interactive brand magic on projects like Hennessy's “Wild Rabbit” and Doritos’ “Hotel 626”

Speaking of coasts, it was out west where she adopted her dog on a beach right before a surf session, naming her Nanner in a nod to Denny’s Super Bowl ad, Nannerpus! Periscope’s progressive culture and female leadership drew Maggie and her talents our way, and we couldn’t be happier to have her (and Nanner!) on our team.

Periscope’s newest Digital Creative Director, Anton Friant, joins the dynamic crew of strategists, architects, designers and developers responsible for making things people love. Passionate about finding the sweet spot between creativity and technology, Anton has spent a couple of decades working on impressive brands like Cap’n Crunch, Kinky Vodka and DC Comics.

With a path that’s been anything but linear — he has been a designer, developer, director, professor at MCAD and an animator — Anton brings a diverse, valuable set of skills to Periscope’s Connected Experiences team.