Conversations of Change: A moment, followed by a movement.


By: Cari Bucci-Hulings, President, Periscope

One year ago, just before I joined Periscope, the team I was about to join made a historic statement in the form of a walkout to support Black Lives Matter and to use our independent voice as a creative agency. It started with five brave souls, followed by our content editing department and eventually the entire agency locked arms to protest the racial inequalities that had long existed within our industry and our communities. 

While this was an important expression, it was just the start of our transformation as we work toward being an agency that gives everyone the level playing field they deserve. Driven by unyielding integrity and rigorous empathy, we have created a culture of accountability where what we say is backed up by what we do.   

Whether it has been finding ways to be more inclusive in hiring, providing transparency when it comes to diversity numbers, or lending a helping hand to organizations that combat inequality of all kinds, our team has shown a burning desire to change things for the better.   

While our process has not been perfect, nor has it developed overnight, we have made important progress. However, there is a long way for us to go before we will be satisfied with our efforts. As the leader of this agency, I vow that we will never let up when it comes to prioritizing values and practices that promote diversity, equity and inclusion.  

Last year, we walked out to express our beliefs. This year, we are walking in to ensure those same beliefs are fueling equality today and growing it in the future. Beside us on this journey is our parent company, Quad, which has been an incredibly supportive partner every step of the way. We have learned that the old saying is true: If you want to go fast, move alone. If you want to go far, move together. That is exactly what we are doing with Quad and I am proud of our shared progress so far.   

Recently, I sat down with Lauren Tucker of Do What Matters to talk about all this and more. She came up through the agency industry before starting her own consultancy. She too has been on this journey with us over the past year, and we want to share what we have learned in hopes others can benefit from it.