Connected experiences from print to pixels


Periscope’s Liz Ross sheds light on the power of print as the keynote speaker at this year's Print Event

Marketers are quick to announce that something is dead. TV is dead. Radio is dead. Print is dead. Sure, that might be an easy out. But the truth is, nothing dies. It just shifts and gets more complicated. As Liz shared as the keynote at this year’s Print Event, print is not dead — it is very much alive, and is undergoing a revolution as a part of connected experiences from print to pixels.

"I was impressed by Liz's thought-provoking insights about how we can use print marketing in effective, meaningful ways. Looking forward to more amazing work from Periscope." Anna Gribben, Senior Marketing Manager at Tommy Bahama

Liz shared that our biggest challenge isn’t something “dying,” but people feeling indifferent about it. Liz highlighted a few realities and insights that show not only that print is here to stay, but also how print can remain a cornerstone of integrated marketing in the years to come.

  • Print struggles with indifference the most. Think of the last time you checked your mailbox — what was in there that you loved? Usually, nothing. We can change this.
  • Emotions are key to how we as humans interact with the world. What underpins emotion is the notion of sense. Print is an incredibly tactile experience. It’s why books fly off shelves. People still read books and magazines. The reason is because they are our touching our senses.
  • The most powerful experiences we have as humans are experiences where there are multiple senses involved. If you think of the experience of opening a website, it is only hitting your visual sense.
  • The key to ending indifference is providing multiple touch points, such as an experiential event that engages many senses in order to connect with people on a human level. Experiences that hit multiple senses — print included — become more important. And ultimately, people will care more.
  • Redefining print is about connecting with humans from print to pixels. A good example of this is our “unboxing” campaign work with Trolli candy. Reporters and awards judges showered it with praise as being innovative and highly engaging, and print was a huge part of that experience.