Dinner Is Grown: Periscope helps BASF bridge the gap between farm and table


We teamed up with BASF to host an event that put farmers and foodies next to one another, prompting important conversations about food and agriculture

As the hunger to understand where our food comes from increases, so does the number of questions surrounding the agricultural industry. That’s why we worked with BASF to host their first event that put grower, media and consumer voices together at the same dinner table to create a greater understanding between food producers and shoppers.

Guests from different backgrounds came together over a three-course dinner, which was made in part with local ingredients like sweet potatoes and strawberries supplied by the farmers in attendance. Between courses, the chef facilitated conversations around local food sourcing and seasonality.

Whether they came from the office or straight from the farm, everyone left the event with full bellies and a newfound understanding of what it takes to put dinner on our nation’s tables.

“The Dinner Is Grown event literally put me next to farmers and I got to ask questions; I got to hear how they live their lives and what was important to them.” Liz Lashway, Parents magazine