Experimental environment fosters innovation to stay ahead of tech trends


Adweek feature shares how Periscope's team of innovators and a little bit of "mad scientist" syndrome keeps our agency in front of the trends.

Staying on the bleeding edge of innovation can be a hefty task, especially balanced with the daily responsibilities of creating top client work. Fortunately, our innovative team is afforded some innate agility that comes with Periscope’s independent and integrated agency structure. At Periscope, you’ll find people experimenting, tinkering with the latest products, attending open learning sessions and sharing new discoveries on our internal platform – Periscope EDGE – which ultimately can be applied to our clients’ challenges.

One of these innovators, Senior Emerging Media and Platform Innovation Strategist, Carter Jensen, spoke with Adweek about how innovators like him help keep the agency at the forefront of the trends.

As Periscope continues to stay nimble, innovative jobs and people like Jensen are a key to that success. Their ideas (like a mini-lab with physical products to fiddle with) are what propel Periscope forward. We can’t wait to see what they discover next!