Agency history made, Periscope named AdFed’s Best of Show


Periscope took home the night’s biggest award along with 25 additional wins for work for Trolli, Minnesota Lottery, Schwan’s and more

The Show is like the Oscars for ad geeks, celebrating the year’s greatest creative work coming from agencies in the Minneapolis area. It was extra special this year as Periscope was honored with the night’s equivalent to “Best Picture," Best of Show.

In addition to winning Best of Show, Periscope also took home a whopping 25 gold and silver pins. Full list of our wins below: Trolli Sour Brite Sneaks
  • Sour Brite Sneaks Influencer Kit | Card, Invitation, Announcement
  • Life-Sized Sour Brite Sneaks | Card, Invitation, Announcement
  • Cheer The Weird | Card, Invitation, Announcement
  • Trolli Sour Brite Sneaks Remix | Social Media, Single Execution
  • Trolli Sour Brite Sneaks Unboxing | Branded Content & Entertainment
  • Trolli Sour Brite Sneaks | Art Direction – Campaign
Trolli + Deadpool Collaboration
  • Deadpool Tiny Hands Influencer Kit | Specialty Advertising
  • Trolli Deadpool #PackagePose| Event
  • Trolli Deadpool Tiny Hands| Super-sized, Extension/Dimensional OOH
  • Trolli Deadpool Tiny Hands | Social Media, Campaign
  • Trolli Deadpool Anti-SEO | Copywriting
  • Trolli Deadpool Anti-SEO | Branded Content & Entertainment
  • Trolli Deadpool Tiny Hands | Integrated Branded Content Campaign
Periscope Brand Refresh
  • Periscope Love Potion No. 921 | Advertising Industry Self-Promotion Brand Elements
Minnesota Lottery Summer Fun 
  • (In)convenience Store | Guerrilla Marketing
  • Live Stream | Internet Commercial
Minnesota Lottery + Minnesota Vikings Collaboration
  • Vikings Tiny House: Get Off My Lawn | Local TV Commercial :30
  • Vikings Tiny House | Local TV Commercial :15
Minnesota Lottery Winter Fun
  • MN Lottery Ice Carousel | Local TV Commercial :30 Seconds
  • Dwight Elephant Holiday Gift Expert | Internal Commercial Campaign
Minnesota Lottery Day of the Dead 
  • Day of the Dead | Integrated Advertising Campaign – Local – Consumer
  • Day of the Dead | Illustration Series
Great Clips on Snapchat
  • Great Clips Snapchat Reflections | Mobile App
  • Schwan’s Tailgate Trivia | Tools & Utility App
Basilica Block Party
  •  The Office of God Basilica Block Party | Public Service Ambient Media Logo Design