We came, we saw and we took center stage at Advertising Week 2019


Periscope took the Advertising Week stage by storm, sharing how to create truly connected experiences and market to the “sober curious”

Periscope had another successful year at Advertising Week New York, where the leading minds in media and marketing gather to celebrate creative innovation and discuss what the future holds. And we all eat lots of free candy, because, well, it’s free candy.

Our CEO, Liz Ross, took center stage to discuss how to create truly connected experiences, something marketers everywhere are trying to achieve. Her secret sauce? In order to truly connect experiences and make them impactful, you must elicit emotions and engage multiple senses. We can’t forget the taste, smell and feel of things in a digital world!

We also brought a rush of sober curiosity to the Advertising Week festivities with our panel, “Meet the Sober Curious: Bursting the Alcohol Industry Bubble.” Periscope CCO Peter Nicholson joined client Jeff Hollander, co-founder and CEO of Hairless Dog Brewing, and Ruby Warrington, acclaimed author of the book Sober Curious, to highlight the sobriety trend that’s disrupting the beverage industry and demanding a fresh approach to marketing.

The key takeaway? Marketers will have to engage this “sober curious” group authentically and give them non-alcoholic beverage options that are exciting, interesting and can be enjoyed for what they are rather than being known for what they are not.

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