Learn How To Make Love — Internship Workshops

Future interns flock to Periscope to learn how to "do things people love" and a chance to join our team!

Learn How To Make Love — Internship Workshops

Before you learn how to make love, an ice breaker is in order.

Young people from around the region will gather at Periscope to get to know us, each other and how we make love every day. Aspiring interns will join us for one of three workshops that will give them better idea of our agency culture and internship program. After a deep dive into our mission to Do Things People Love, our special guests will also tour the agency, meet last year’s interns, participate in breakout sessions and have a Q&A with senior management.

The Periscope Internship Workshop is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and see if our chemistry clicks.

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