If the shoe fits, eat it.

To promote an improbable collaboration between James Harden, Trolli and Adidas, we dreamed up Sour Brite Sneaks: shoe-shaped gummies inspired by the newly minted Harden Vol. 2 sneaker. To win over the footwear fundamentalists, we made custom influencer kits with Certificates of Awesometicity. This all-star launch was virtually unstoppable, scoring points from everywhere on the court.


Tough Love

In the shoe world, you can’t get attention without sneakerhead street cred.

True Love

Trolli’s weirdly awesome history offers an opportunity for a real foothold.

First, our big thinking started small, as we introduced the world’s first limited edition, ultra-exclusive mini Sour Brite Sneaks. Then we partnered with Adidas and followed up with a life-size pair of edible gummy sneakers, modeled after Harden’s actual shoes and timed with the Adidas release of the Harden Vol. 2. Sneakerheads, rejoice!

Next, we “leaked” our sneaks to the most influential sneakerheads on the net to gain influencer momentum and cred before our official drop.

Taking another cue from the sneaker universe, we hacked a new Instagram feature to allow fans to customize their own Sour Brite Sneaks and get a chance to win their very own pair of customized Adidas Harden Vol. 2s. It was called “Remix Your Kicks.”

Candy sampling takes on a sweet new form.

Finally, in yet another one-of-a-kind, never-done-before partnership, we teamed up with the most legit source of hard-to-find sneakers on Earth, StockX, to give sneakerheads the chance to own a pair of sneakers so rare, they’re perishable.

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