Cultivating home-grown customer loyalty.

An insurance David in a market of Goliaths.

PEMCO is a regional insurance provider located in (and exclusively serving) residents of the Pacific Northwest. While Seattle and Portland markets were experiencing rapid growth in the insurance industry, PEMCO was reaping little or none of the benefit — continually being aced out by national insurance giants. They needed a smart campaign, paired with an entirely new website to build awareness and steal back a share of the growth happening right in their own backyard.

Our appraisal: Think big by thinking small.

To find PEMCO’s market foothold, we conducted extensive research across customers, brands and the category as a whole. It became clear that PEMCO needed to position themselves as a local insider, rather than trying to be all things to all people. As a home-grown insurance provider, PEMCO understood the people and their lifestyles better than any out-of-state competitor ever could. So we devised a campaign to reposition PEMCO as a people-first insurer with a strong allegiance to the residents of the Pacific Northwest.

The defenders of your Northwest.

Our campaign to reintroduce PEMCO served a two-fold purpose. Aside from changing the brand perception in the public at large, it also created an identity for PEMCO agents to own with pride: their role as vigilant defenders. The new “PEMCO Pledge” came to life across just about every channel, including a complete website redesign. Periscope created an entirely new site design that markedly improved user experience, information architecture and other elements, while still clearly communicating the new brand positioning in a simple, compelling manner.

0 120 %
increase in customer quote completion rate
0 2 x
visitor web traffic for main PEMCO site
0 5.5 x
more visits to Careers page

Just six months after the campaign launched, PEMCO saw the number of completed customer quotes more than double. They experienced a huge increase in job applications and inquiries, helping the company to attract and retain high-level talent. Additionally, agents and other employees embraced their new identity with open arms, taking it upon themselves to deliver on their new promise and make a real impact for their Pacific Northwest neighbors.

"We have an unwavering allegiance to the Northwest. No other insurance company can say they know Northwesterners like we do. [Periscope has] helped bring our strategy and vision to the life in an innovative and fun way." MJ VIGIL, PEMCO CHIEF BRAND OFFICER

When it came to carving out PEMCO market share, it turned out the best offense was a stellar defense.